About Me

I’m a husband and father who has too many hobbies. I like to bike, run, snowboard, and hike, as well as make beer, audio equipment, and offroad vehicle modifications. I went to the Rochester Institute of Technology for college, where I graduated with my BS and MS in Electrical Engineering a longer time ago than I’d like to admit. After that, I took a year off to ride a bicycle from Montreal to Mexico City, by way of Boston, Denver, LA , and Cabo San Lucas. I met my wife in Colorado along the way, and we’ve lived happily ever after, becoming parents in 2019. We haven’t slept since.

My wife and I in Puerto Vallarta after I picked her up from the airport on the bike

Professionally, I’ve worked for a while in the Oil and Gas industry, focusing on the automation and measurement systems used at wellsites and on pipelines. I then worked in the RF industry as a Systems Engineer and later as a Product Line Manager, focusing on long-distance digital communication via spread-spectrum radios. I’ve enjoyed brewing beer since my days in college, and have always been a tinkerer, so any time I learn a new skill I usually apply it to brewing. After learning so much about fluid measurement and control, as well as the emerging Industrial IoT space, I built a brewery that combined traditional process control equipment with a Raspberry Pi and modern communication methods. From that effort evolved Connected Proof, a business which I cofounded in 2019 to allow food and beverage producers a better way to monitor, control, and manage their operations from anywhere in the world.

Admittedly, Connected Proof is still in its early stages, and doesn’t yet pay the bills, so I’m still taking on part-time and contract work. If you need somebody who’s got my diverse set of skills, or a subset of them, please contact me! My email is <my first name>@jessesteiner.com. I’m sure you can figure that one out!